Workplace lotteries are the future of corporate social responsibility. Reap the many rewards for your business, without the hard work or the worry.

Does your company want to help something good happen in the world? Are you keen to reinforce the values of your business or brand? Perhaps you’re looking to engage and reward your employees? Or maybe you’re dedicated to fulfilling your corporate responsibilities and generating far-reaching PR stories in the process?

A workplace lottery will help you achieve all these objectives and more. The hard part is making it all happen, when surprise, surprise…you’ve got a business to run. But thanks to our Workplace lottery services, you can reap all of the rewards with none of the administrative burden to your business.

Best lottery provider 2014

Our experienced team have been designing, planning and administrating fundraising lotteries for over 30 years – externally and for all kinds and sizes of different organisations.

We offer the most complete, cost-efficient and seamless administrative solution available to lottery fundraisers today. From guiding you through legislation and dealing with data, to running the draw and reporting the finances, we’ll make your lottery happen. All you’ll need to do is promote the game to your workplace community, then tell the world about the valuable funds you’ve raised.