New to Workplace Lotteries?

Step by step we’ll guide you through the necessary legislation, and design a Workplace lottery that’s tailored to your business and employee environment.

Step one – understanding your business

Meet with us to discuss your plans, with no obligation. We’ll discover your organisation’s individual situation, and help you clarify what you hope to achieve from your workplace lottery. At this stage we’ll also address any concerns you might have, and guide you through the legislative requirements (such as Gambling Commission registration).

Step two – designing your workplace lottery

Next we’ll help you to decide on a membership scheme and prize structure for your workplace lottery. These aspects of your lottery can be altered at any time, but must sit comfortably with your potential audience, and also with your organisation’s financial approach. Our expertise lies in helping you find a profitable format for your unique situation.

Step three – gearing up for your launch

Once you’re happy with your lottery plans, we’ll get the administration set up and ready to go, leaving you to start promoting your lottery’s launch. Once the ball’s rolling, every aspect of administrating your lottery, running your draw, communicating with your members and awarding their prizes will be handled by our experienced team. You’ll be assigned a dedicated Account Manager – a contact you can rely on to know what’s what.

Step four – supporting your promotional activity

Even before your lottery’s launch, your promotional activity is key to its success. While this side of the lottery will be down to you, we’ll offer continued and well-informed guidance throughout the lifetime of your lottery

Already running a lottery? Or familiar with the processes involved?

Many of our clients previously administrated their fundraising lotteries in-house – some of them for many years. But by outsourcing their administration to Sterling, they’ve seen greater levels of cost-efficiency in terms of administration, and reaped the benefits of focussing their efforts entirely on promoting their lottery to new members.

Just ask us – our aim is to help you arrive at the most profitable solution for your organisation.